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six weeks

I could’ve held you
You could’ve been born cream pink
Instead you were blood

North Bay Bohemian


Chowder Power

The lines are long at Spud Point Crab Co.—for good reason

In 2004, when Carol and Tony Anello opened their dream retirement business in Bodega Bay, they had no idea Spud Point Crab Co. would become a Sonoma County staple, attracting tourists and locals to their front yard year-round (cont.)


North Bay Bohemian


The Good Cup

In the crowded coffee business, Jon Bixler, owner of Santa Rosa’s Bella Rosa Coffee Company, says his company is growing at a “terrifying” rate, 35 to 40 percent per year. This year alone, Bixler expect to roast over a quarter of a million pounds of coffee (cont.)


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